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RubberBreed Updates - Page 9

Dildo Training 6  - Preview 1 Dildo Training 6  - Preview 2

For Sinha it is time for another dildo training again and this time sister Lana cares for the training of the bitch. She will fill up the snout completely. For this she wraps Sinha firmly in black foil first, so she cannot defend herself any more. Then she takes the inflatable dildo and rams it quite deeply and firmly into the rubber muzzle. When the dildo sticks, she inflates him still completely, until the mouth is properly stuffed. Then Lana leaves the bitch and starts looking for a real cock for her.
Amount of photos: 153

Jaska bound and whipped  - Preview 1 Jaska bound and whipped  - Preview 2

Bitch Jaska hangs with the hind paws on the pulley and cannot defend herself if her dog asse gets in touch with the switch. Even if the switch strokes her tits it is rather a reward than a punishment for her. She becomes really hot and enjoys even the uncomfortable position.
Length of video: 6:06 minutes

Strapon Fuck  - Preview 1 Strapon Fuck  - Preview 2

Lana brought a new toy with her and Sinha is of course curious what this could be. Some kind of clue she has what this could be... At the beginnung she struggles to subordinate but finally the heat wins against the honour and Sinha spreads her hind legs well-behaved. Now Lana can push in the rubber cock into the hot dog cunt and fuck Sinha fully...
Amount of photos: 120

Dildotraining 5  - Preview 1 Dildotraining 5  - Preview 2

Next dildo training for Sinha… Latex Slave Angel would like to see what Sinha learned already… for this she belts on the strapon and Sinha gets the mask with the inner sheeth. Then she let Sinha caress the strap on dildo, but it does not satisfy Angel. So she puts on the cuffs at Sinha so she can’t put her paws on the dildo.
Amount of photos: 113

PC Dog  - Preview 1 PC Dog  - Preview 2

Dogbitch Jaska wanted to go walkies, but the weather is so uncomfortable outdoors that she rather prefers to sit down in front of the computer and check some websites... but whats this? Suddenly the went black. What is this? As an experienced computer bitch Jaska will check on her own and can find the error quickly. Now it can go on. The pictures on this website are really stimulating, But what to use for a dogbitch in heat? Ah, the screwdriver over there.... if this will help maybe...?
Amount of photos: 105

Jaska get punished  - Preview 1 Jaska get punished  - Preview 2

The wet bitch Jaska is bound at a hoist for better reaching her doggy ass with a whip. But instead of punishment it leads to hornyness at the bitch again. She starts to stroke herself despite of the inconvenient situation.
Amount of photos: 51

Two Bitches in Heat  - Preview 1 Two Bitches in Heat  - Preview 2

Lana and Jaska wearing both a blindfold hood, Lanas mouth is accessible and Jaska wears a inner sheeth. Both caressing themselves whats makes them hot apparently.
Length of video: 12:59 minutes

Lana in the floor pillory  - Preview 1 Lana in the floor pillory  - Preview 2

Lana is locked already in the floor pillory and now the Master comes and locks her dog head up finally, what mispleases the bitch a lot. She whines and yelps a lot but all this is useless, the floor pillory keeps her safe and helpless restricted. So the crop can whip her shiny rubber ass what makes the bitch horny apparently.
Length of video: 2:26 minutes

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