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RubberBreed Updates - Page 8

Lana and the Dildo Part 1  - Preview 1 Lana and the Dildo Part 1  - Preview 2

If one leave the dog bitch alone with her condom mask any time, she starts to caress herself with the dildo. However, her Master does not allow this when he discover this. If she has herself already get wet, she should be able to enjoy it properly to the full also. Even if she does not like it under all circumstances.
Length of video: 4:43 minutes

Two Pair of Paws  - Preview 1 Two Pair of Paws  - Preview 2

Two pretty rubber dogs also need some proper paws. So the master cares for the fact that bitch Lana and bitch Jaska should be well packed. For gettings this he secures them first of all with a heavy chain, so that none runs away. Then he plans for everybody individually and packs her arms and legs successively carefully in foil and secures it additionally with thick silver adhesive tape. After both are well wrapped, he takes them at the leash and starts to a nice long walk...
Amount of photos: 111

Santa Claus is visiting  - Preview 1 Santa Claus is visiting  - Preview 2

Of course the bitches spend also Christmas Eve well clad in rubber, when Santa Claus came in and calls the two. So bitch Sinha and bitch Jaska had to line up and had to explain their actions... of course both were not so well-behaved as expected and so Santa Claus is not contented at all. Thus both get the rod on her rubber butt as punishment, but Sante gave them a small consolation too.
Length of video: 5:01 minutes

Rubber Dog Christmas Tree  - Preview 1 Rubber Dog Christmas Tree  - Preview 2

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how shiny is your snout... Domina Felicitas decorates bitch Jaska as a Christmas tree, bound in foil. Thus becomes from Jaska bit by bit a nice Christmas tree which is decorated with Christmas tree ball and other decorations. And because it was quite strenuous and Felicitas wants to enjoy her work, she allows herself a little glass champagne. While she enjoys the sight of her work, she drinks to you... Merry Christmas!
Amount of photos: 137

Dildo Training Brutal  - Preview 1 Dildo Training Brutal  - Preview 2

Again and again Lana pushes mercilessly the thick inflatable dildo in the muzzle of bitch Sinha. Because its not fitting very well often, she pushes the toy deep inside firmly to prevent to slip out again. Also she enjoys it when Sinha get throated in her mouth by the hard strapon and pitifully whines. Helplessly wrapped in black foil Sinha must endure the hard torture.
Length of video: 7:21 minutes

Male Dog  - Preview 1 Male Dog  - Preview 2

There is really a rubber mal dog showing... and he has thus a nice tousle tail for impressing. Sinha and Lana are deeply impressed and and take the greatest care to coddle the guest with all . Sinha remembers the good training and gets her mask with the inside condom to give the male dog a full satisfaction. He appears pleased, however he simply leaves after he had his fun.
Length of video: 6:16 minutes

Playtime  - Preview 1 Playtime  - Preview 2

Playtime with Domina Felicitas. Bitch Jaska has to fetch the red ball again and again until her paws are glowing red… not easy such a dog bitches life in rubber!
Amount of photos: 93

Bitch gets Bitch  - Preview 1 Bitch gets Bitch  - Preview 2

One strapon and two bitches. Lana don’t hesitate long and fucks Sinha with the rubber cock from the back. It is not enough to make the bitch cum but Lana doesn’t care for this because she had her fun.
Length of video: 5:11 minutes

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