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RubberBreed Updates - Page 6

Bitch cools down  - Preview 1 Bitch cools down  - Preview 2

Summer, sun and heat... this is getting really hot for the dog bitches also. A chill shower will be nice for sure. So fast in the garden and to the shower. However, the stubborn item must be persuaded before the water flows. Then it is twice nice when the drops of water hits the latex, thats delightfully! Thus the summer can be properly enjoyed. If only somebody would share this with her....
Length of video: 6:39 minutes

The Puppy Girl Poppy  - Preview 1 The Puppy Girl Poppy  - Preview 2 The Puppy Girl Poppy  - Preview 3

Puppy bitch Poppy is asleep at her basket as the Master enters the door for a walk with her. But before she need to finish a basic training and some caressing. So she need to understand where she was to walk and what her future tasks are. But she understand quickly and is allowed to walk on the leash...
Amount of photos: 75

Fitting Up the Dog  - Preview 1 Fitting Up the Dog  - Preview 2

The male dog Bronco had a lazy time as the Master catches him at snoozing. Unwillingly he let put on the muzzle and the collar. And now been taken to a walk, thats not his favor actually. But what shall he do when Master pulls him away on the leash...
Length of video: 7:10 minutes

Bonus Update: Rubber Bitch Bound  - Preview 1 Bonus Update: Rubber Bitch Bound  - Preview 2 Bonus Update: Rubber Bitch Bound  - Preview 3

The visit of Jaska at Domina Felicitas continues... for the good bye Jaska is bound on the red carpet in front of the throne and whipped for the enjoyment of the domina..
Amount of photos: 52

Horny Bronco  - Preview 1 Horny Bronco  - Preview 2

Latex, latex, latex, the heaven for the rubber breed. In this instance its the male dog who is put in the big transparent latex bag. He craves for cutting of his air supply and as thinner and thinner the air gets as hornies he is. And he rubs his cock more and more, moaning out loudly in his latex encasement. Finally he manage to cum while the latex layer is getting tighter and tighter around his body and also his face...
Length of video: 3:37 minutes

Jaska visits Domina Chantal  - Preview 1 Jaska visits Domina Chantal  - Preview 2 Jaska visits Domina Chantal  - Preview 3

An invitation of Domina Chantal for bitch Jaska, who is very happy to join. Of course the Mistress will test Jaska for the first time to get to know her. Also she want to see what a good and obedient bitch she is. Hence, she makes with the bitch obedience exercises and shows her her place under the boots of the Mistress.
Amount of photos: 55

Naughty Bitch  - Preview 1 Naughty Bitch  - Preview 2 Naughty Bitch  - Preview 3

Bitch Lana is hardly to be recognised when she is led by the mistress in high heel boots and the inflatable mask from outdoors in. "I do have to help you take off your boot, you silly bitch!?" the mistress say angrily and the somewhat rubber being hangs the head and let herself help. "Waits, you will still regret this" threatens the mistress and pushes Lana backward on the rubber bed to put her into the heavy bondage bag. First she helps to stow away the arms safely in the separate arm pockets. But as soon as the zipper is closed and protected with a small lock, she reaches over to the inflatable plug...
Amount of photos: 93

Helplessly Bound  - Preview 1 Helplessly Bound  - Preview 2 Helplessly Bound  - Preview 3

Well behaved the dog kneels on the ground and waits what his master will bring. A big and heavy collar is placed around his neck and he is pulled down on the back. Silently Master ties the front paws firmly in black foil first and afterwards packs his hind paws helplessly as well. Finally the front paws are attached to the collar and the dog is a wiggling package and is surrendere helplessly.
Amount of photos: 75

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