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RubberBreed Updates - Page 5

Jaska tries self bondage - Preview 1 Jaska tries self bondage - Preview 2

The rubber bitches are a pain, always wet and playful. This time Jaska starts a self bondage session and has to discover that its not as easy as it always looks on photos. The collar is locked in place easily and also the cuffs around the hind legs are strapped tight easy. But the cuffs at the fore paws are a lot harder to get and it takes a while till the locks on the cuffs snaps shut. And the blindfold is a real pain to get tightly, it will not fit at the first time. Finally she is missing somebody who can make the final knot into the bondage...
Length of video: 9:16 minutes

Inflated Puppy - Preview 1 Inflated Puppy - Preview 2

The Master lets latex dog Bronco try out the new inflatable ball. In it the puppy feels quiet helpless. Master apparently has more fun with the inflated rubber aninmal than Bronco has.
Length of video: 3:09 minutes

The Surprise - Preview 1 The Surprise - Preview 2 The Surprise - Preview 3

It is christmas eve and rubber bitches even get gifts when they behaved well over the year. Now Jaska nuzzles around the big gift box Santa Clause brought her. She pulls on the string exitedly and can hardly wait to lift the cover and see it open what is inside. Maybe she is dreaming again of many many new toys... but this time it is something different but shiny as a shiny rubber bitch...
Amount of photos: 97

The Dog as Ball, Punishment Inflament  - Preview 1 The Dog as Ball, Punishment Inflament  - Preview 2 The Dog as Ball, Punishment Inflament  - Preview 3

The male dog of the rubber dogs was naughty and earned a punishment. So he is commanded into the new toy, the inflatable rubber ball. It is closed tightly with the zippers and then gets inflated by a compressor with air, till it is full and tubby. Now the latex is polished finally and then the dog gets a new toy and is rolled around...
Amount of photos: 130

Leashed and trapped  - Preview 1 Leashed and trapped  - Preview 2 Leashed and trapped  - Preview 3

Fetish Eva is visiting Jaska again. This means a strict leash restriction for the bitch. After this she gets leashed to the standing ladder. But chained is not the life Jaska is dreaming of, but Eva caresses the bitch as a reward for being brave. This makes it much more pleasant for the bitch. Now wet she suffers an ordeal for what Eva has planned for her today...
Amount of photos: 70

Educating Poppy  - Preview 1 Educating Poppy  - Preview 2

The Master want to take bitch Poppy for a walk, but the lolling in the basket. But the Master is not impressed at all and get her on the leash quickly to get her out there. Still sleepy she has to do some obedience exercises before the Master dares to take her for a public walk...
Length of video: 4:02 minutes

Sexy Games  - Preview 1 Sexy Games  - Preview 2

Fetish Eva visits Jaska, but Jaska seems to be a little dull. But as Eva starts to rub the the oil on their body starts to polish the bitch, she becomes really in heat and enjoys it very much. As a reward Jaska may polish Eva back which makes both fun. Afterwards Jaska gets a chew toy to calm down a little bit.
Length of video: 7:01 minutes

Short Pleasure  - Preview 1 Short Pleasure  - Preview 2 Short Pleasure  - Preview 3

If you let a dog bitch alone, she likes to grab her toys and play with herself. And Domina Chantal is long in coming, so Jaska takes the chance to do so also. Such a bitch! Nice to play with the dildo into the wet rubber cunt and finally the vibro egg is coming into operation, hmmmm lovely. But while she is playing around she gets inattentive and Domina Chantal can come home unnoticedly...
Amount of photos: 61

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