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RubberBreed Updates - Page 13

Shipping Slut Sinha  - Preview 1 Shipping Slut Sinha  - Preview 2

Everybody wants to have me... so I have to decide how to ship a slut appropriate Who wants to come and pick me up ? PS: You can see the video exclusivly in the members area.
Length of video: 2:20 minutes

Into the Forest  - Preview 1 Into the Forest  - Preview 2

Today I stepped out to the forest and discovered a new playground. This green and white barrier for example, where I can hold me. You never know if a hunter or a walker will pass through. And do you enjoy my new red circle skirt?
Amount of photos: 43

Video Rubber Dog Routine  - Preview 1 Video Rubber Dog Routine  - Preview 2

I show you the video from my rubber dog routine which I have had at my friends from Latexgalerie. You know the photos already so I present you the video for first time in full 640x480 pixels for a crystal clear view at Sinha.
Length of video: 5:40 minutes

Rubber Dog Routine 2 - Preview 1 Rubber Dog Routine 2 - Preview 2

Today I show you the promised second part of my rubber dog routine. So much nice toys to play around. They will squeak if you chew on them. This makes fun! I tell you, such a rubber dogs life is much fun! I hope you enjoy to spectate too.
Amount of photos: 32

The Rubber Alien is Back  - Preview 1 The Rubber Alien is Back  - Preview 2

From my journy to the colleagues from Latexgalerie I have brought you some videos. The rubber dog routine part 1 you have already seen in the last news. Today you can see that other guys also have fun with the dog bitch with the inflatable Mask. And I have enjoyed the warm hands of rubber slave angel and I was curious about what will following. But this you can see next time. At this time there is no preview video, but you can see the video in the member area in full lenght.
Length of video: 2:41 minutes

New Video - Preview 1 New Video - Preview 2

Length of video: 3:39 minutes

Small Weekend Update - Preview 1 Small Weekend Update - Preview 2

I want to give a small pic update for the upcoming weekend today. I have to shake my ass and then I have to beg for a bockwurst. That is really dog-bitch life...
Amount of photos: 7

Sinha on the floor - Preview 1 Sinha on the floor - Preview 2

I put you an update of photos in the membergallery today. If I want to get a well-trained dogbitch I have to learn to present and offer myself. Also I have to beg for someone.... you know what I mean The photos are in the membergallery, so I hope I can convience you from my qualities!
Amount of photos: 11

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