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RubberBreed Updates - Page 12

Bitch in Heat  - Preview 1 Bitch in Heat  - Preview 2

There is again an update with Lana, she loves to spend her time in and on the latex especially when she is in heat - as so often. Today you see a video lolling in front of the video camera and finally receive her earned reward. By the way, there is a preview as normal, but the video in the member area is longer than six and hakf minutes, so be sure to check it out!
Length of video: 6:33 minutes

Funny Egging Part 2  - Preview 1 Funny Egging Part 2  - Preview 2

Do you guess who lay here hindlegs spread wide? Do you can? Today we have a second part of the funny egging session with the vibrating eggs. And there both a video and photos, so doubled fun not only for us, for you too. We hope to have a successful year 2008 together with you and look forward to see many fresh ideas from you, our email boxes are open around the clock.
Amount of photos: 54

Lanas First Adventure - Preview 1 Lanas First Adventure - Preview 2

this time you see an update with myself, sweet Lana, at my first adventure. Latex-Slave-Angel took me to a walk and little play. Hopefully you enjoy my adventures and photos as much as Sinhas. *wag my tail* Best wishes from your small dog bitch
Amount of photos: 53

Dildo Games 3  - Preview 1 Dildo Games 3  - Preview 2

Christmas eve is near so we decided for an update in black and red. It was time for a sucking training for the both bitches. But we was good and swallowed the dildos, it is fun for us too and only to our best *grins* Hopefully you enjoy the pics too and who know when our ways will cross?
Amount of photos: 71

Funny egging - Preview 1 Funny egging - Preview 2

What do you receive when you add two dog bitches on the floor with wide spread hind legs and bound to Latex-Slave-Angel? Right, a good toy. And so you can see my sister bitch and me egged with a cable remote controlled egg. What for a whimpering it was you can see and hear now. Have fun whishes the two dog bitches
Length of video: 6:00 minutes

doubled is more fun  - Preview 1 doubled is more fun  - Preview 2

There we go... double an update, double the fun... you can welcome my sister bitch also you can see what happens when you put two dog bitches together. I think you can imagine how maddening we are *grins broadly* So we wish you all much fun with this big update given you to the first Advent. There are 73 pics in the member area and also some in the preview. We wish you all a good start into christmas time!
Amount of photos: 73

Drive Me Crazy - Preview 1 Drive Me Crazy - Preview 2

I have to tell you a cruel story which the dog bitch happens. You are looking forward to a good session... nice toys, cuffs, spreader bar and vibrator... mmhmm, yummie! And then that! There the bitch will be crazy by herself! Always plaing around... if want to feeeeeeeeel the thing *whimper* But they promised me to continue, also you will get one to.
Length of video: 8:01 minutes

Sinha Walks Again  - Preview 1 Sinha Walks Again  - Preview 2

After the many comments about my last outdoor photo series today I take you to my tour on the streets. And you know what Sinha does as bitch? So I hope you enjoy my new photos too and please let me know what you want to see from me in the future!
Amount of photos: 45

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